Rogon Theory

This is a theory of a totally mechanical universe. I hope some physicists will flesh it out with the mathematics and write a computer simulation.

The theory: the universe is a perpetual motion machine that at it's very ultimate level may be reduced to an aether comprised of the collision interactions of only one type of particle which I name the rogon (after myself, Roger). These are the cogs. This rogon is a fully rigid unbreakable bi-infinitely-long (infinite in both directions) particle with a finite sub-microscopic circular cross-section. It's collisions are one hundred percent elastic like Newton's billiard balls but able to rotate as well. This rotation may come about when two rogons collide. The parallel component of their collision may be converted into rotation whereas the non-parallel component of their collision may be transferred as non-rotational movement. The net effect is many numerous vortices of colliding lines which results in the macro-forces that we encounter in the everyday world such as gravity, the electromagnetic force etc. My theory is in essence an extension of Newtonian mechanics taken to the next logical step. Whereas forces were left as magic at a distance by Newton, my theory explains them as he explained macro kinetic interactions but with the fundamental particle being a one dimensional line rather than a zero dimensional point.

Light wave particle duality is explained by the line collision vortex propagation.

Rogons bridge the divide between the finite and the infinite: ensuring that there will neither be a heat death of the universe nor a 'big crunch' just like there was no 'big bang' as it only takes a partial rotation of any rogon no matter where it is located in the universe because of it's bi-infinite length to connect with any other rogon in the universe, kinetic blocking by other rogons excepted/notwithstanding. Three-dimensional space volume = eight infinity cubed (from a point three axes of infinity in two axis directions).

The reason it is possible the universe can be a perpetual motion machine is because as it extends for infinity in every direction there can be nothing outside it that can drain it's energy and as all energy is ultimately movement of the rogons, and their interactions are 100% elastic none of the energy is lost through deformation or friction etc.

As rogon rotation tangential velocity may happen faster than the speed of light (it has to at certain finite to infinite distances from the axis of rotation irrespective of how fast the rogon is rotating as the particles are bi-infinitely long and thus at an infinite distance from the axis are travelling tangentially infinitely fast) it may explain quantum physics' 'spooky action at a distance' where information between 'entangled' particles travels faster than the speed of light.

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